Jeanne Chan

What is your favorite item in your closet right now?

A silk button down blouse with leather trim collar and front pocket in this deep red cinnamon hue from Gat Rimon.  

Where do you pull style inspiration from?

Personal style blogs, home design blogs and sometimes photography/styling blogs. I do a lot of Pinterest as well as Tumblr. I'm also getting quite a few inspirations from the Instagram I follow these days. There's no such thing as inspiration overload, is there?

Do you have a personal style secret you'd like to share?

I've been very into the comfy chic look lately, so l've been buying my sweaters at least a size or two bigger. This works especially in my favor because when things go on sale there are usually a lot of large sizes left. I love pairing my oversize sweater with shorts or skinny jeans. At times when I want to go for a more tailored look, I would cinch it up with a belt or tuck it in my trousers. 

What are your daily reads?

Refinery29 - They're pretty much my go-to bible for all things cool and stylish. This goes for fashion, beauty, shopping, restaurants, and events that you just want to be "in-the-know." Also, does my Facebook and Twitter feeds count as daily reads? Cause that's pretty much how I keep up with my favorite blogs.

And most importantly...what is your favorite breakfast cereal?

I love my Cocoa Puffs. But lately, I'm trying to set a good example for my daughter so I'm sticking to the good ole' Cheerios.


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